About Srinivas Senior Care

We started 20 years ago as a limousine and car-for-hire service and have continuously expanded since then. In 2014, we have served over a thousand customers and made greater than 10,000 trips ranging from a few kilometers within the city to several hundred kilometers going into neighbouring states. A large number of our clients are repeat customers. Over the years, we noticed a greater proportion of our clients were senior citizens. Frequently this meant providing senior care to help them with some of the activities of daily living. Some of the tasks were simple, paying bills, arranging a ride to attend family events and sometimes going in to see their doctors. However, a simple car-for hire-service, pick-up and drop-off is not an option for many seniors as they need extra care. In the process we found ourselves helping senior citizens more and more by going the extra mile to make sure that their needs were met.


To meet this demand, we have expanded our services to senior care. Our successful car-for-hire services based on hiring caring and customer oriented staff and drivers is well suited to the expansion into senior care. We not only now perform the pick-up and drop-off as needed but also have expanded to ensure that the any required tasks that may be difficult for seniors after pick-up and before drop-off is done. In addition, we also run vexing errands that are otherwise difficult for seniors. We have included some of the most common requests that have come up over the years as a service. In addition, we are open to custom services and can be contacted and are able to put together a specific request as required. Our senior care service is second to none and we are happy to provide references if required.